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Tie Domi Has A New Job

September 18, 2009 By: Katchop Category: NHL

Tie Domi will star in Battle of the Blades, a reality show that pairs Canada’s best female figure skaters with former NHL players.

Tie Domi is trying to evolve (katchop)

Tie Domi is trying to evolve (katchop)

The biggest obstacle the NHLers face is the change in skates. While the switch to figure skates is not mandatory, and some players have opted to stick with what they know — others, like Domi, tried out the different blade. Hockey skates are built so the player can move forward quickly, while figure skates are designed for upright posture and require a different technique. But if players can’t master the six little blades on each figure skate that make up the toe-pick, it can result in some pretty nasty falls.

“I just switched back to hockey skates,” Domi says.

“I skated three weeks on my figure skates, I was totally used to them. Last Thursday, I toe-picked and I switched the next day. Now the figure skates are back on the shelf.”

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