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The Green Man

August 11, 2009 By: Katchop Category: Golf

Have you heard of the Green Man? Neither did Tiger Woods… until the 17th hole of the Buick Open earlier this month.

A fan dressed in a green body suit watches Tiger Woods line up a putt on the 17th green during the third round of the Buick Open


The familiar sight of Woods winning his latest tournament was accompanied by the man in a green bodysuit with “Save the open” written on his back.

He was standing at the 17th hole of the course, traditionally seen as the “wildest” on the PGA tour.

Fans have been traditionally “partying” at the hole since the Buick Open began 51-years ago.

As he chanted “One more year!” the crowd standing around the penultimate hole joined in, showing their support for the tournament.

The “Green Man”, as he soon became known, was demonstrating because the future of the competition is in doubt after General Motors (GM) ended its sponsorship of the event.






4 Comments to “The Green Man”

  1. Hows a guy dressed like that even get in? It’s got to be distracting to the players.

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  2. I bet its that Mongo guy!



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