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The DJ3K Marketing Machine

July 11, 2011 By: Katchop Category: MLB

Since Derek Jeter reached his 3,000th hit the New York Yankees have been selling all sorts of merchandise to commemorate the event.

The New York Yankees are even selling bottles of Derek Jeter's game day urine.


Jeter’s 3,000th hit has its own campaign that has been titled ”DJ3K,” and everyone is trying to cash in on it. coque iphone 2019 DJ3K has been turned into a logo that will be branded on merchandise for fans, everything from shirts to cellphone skins to bobbleheads. coque iphone One popular New York sporting goods store, Modell’s, has said it will stay open past its closing time as long as fans continue shopping.

Another way DJ3K is cashing in is with the dirt on the field. coque iphone 8 After the game, a groundskeeper will scoop up five gallons of dirt from the batter’s box and shortstop’s patch into a bucket. coque iphone pas cher This will be the dirt that is under Jeter’s feet as he makes his 3,000th hit.

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