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No Meat For Georges Laraque

September 23, 2009 By: Katchop Category: NHL

Montreal Canadiens tough guy Georges Laraque loves PETA, hates meat.

George Laraque hits like Kimbo, eats like Bambi (katchop)

Georges Laraque hits like Kimbo, eats like Bambi (katchop)

No dairy, no poultry, no fish, no more leather shoes or animal byproducts. Laraque has been on a strict diet of vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes since June 1.

While he says he was partly motivated to improve his health for the hockey season, Laraque insists the decision was made primarily for political, rather than nutritional, reasons.

Everything changed, Laraque said, after he saw Earthlings, a 2006 documentary that is widely celebrated in animal-rights circles.

“It’s unconscionable what’s happening to animals in this country and the way we treat animals we eat. … I realized I had to make some big changes,” Laraque said.

Though Laraque said he will no longer buy leather of any kind, he hasn’t rid his closet or hockey bag of previously purchased leather products because “that would be a further waste. And this way I don’t forget.”

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