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Dallas Cowboys Plan Crowd Control

September 25, 2009 By: Katchop Category: NFL

The Dallas Cowboys recognize the need to improve their crowd control methods after some of the record 105,121 fans became unruly and threw bottles on Sunday (but not at the cage dancers).

Kanye West grabs mic during coin toss (katchop)

An uninvited Kanye West interrupts the coin toss to tell everyone that the Susan B Anthony is a much better coin than the Sacagawea (katchop)

Don Crowson, an Arlington assistant fire chief, said public safety and team officials met this week and discussed how to avoid ugly scenes like the ones before last Sunday’s game, which drew an NFL regular-season record crowd of 105,121. City officials said crowd members threw bottles, and there was the fear it could have escalated.

“We have an assurance that this will not happen again,” Crowson said about discussions with the Cowboys.

Giants Call Flozell Adams Dirty

September 22, 2009 By: Katchop Category: NFL

Mathias Kiwanuka of the New York Giants thinks that Flozell Adams of the Dallas Cowboys is a dirty player.

Flozell Adams drops back to protect Tony Romo (katchop)

Flozell Adams drops back to protect Tony Romo (katchop)

This is the NFL,” Kiwanuka said. “People put their careers on the line everyday, in every practice, in every game. You don’t want to risk somebody getting hurt off something cheap like that. You understand that they have a job to protect their quarterback, but there are rules in a game for a reason.”

Herschel Walker, MMA Fighter

September 22, 2009 By: Katchop Category: Other

Herschel Walker is going to be a MMA fighter.

Herschel Walker, MMA fighter (katchop)

Herschel Walker, MMA fighter (katchop)

Herschel Walker has had many roles in his life, from dominant college football player to author of a book about his mental health problems.

Along the way there was a stint as one of the faces of the United States Football League and a decade-long career in the N.F.L. He also competed in the 1992 Olympics in the bobsled.

At age 47, he is taking on a new challenge: mixed martial arts.

Walker has signed a multifight contract with Strikeforce, an MMA organization that is trying to challenge the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Brandon Jacobs Is Angry

September 20, 2009 By: Katchop Category: NFL

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is looking forward to facing the Dallas Cowboys.

Brandon mad! Brandon smash Cowboys! (katchop)

Grrrr, Brandon mad! Brandon smash Cowboys! (katchop)

Well, the reason I hate the Cowboys so much – I am going to put me in this, I am going to take my team out of this – is because they have so many fans,” Jacobs said Wednesday. “Everywhere you go someone is always saying, ‘Big D! Go Big D!’ I don’t want to hear that (stuff). That’s what makes me hate them.”

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