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Samuel L. Jackson Does The Dirty Bird

July 27, 2010 By: Katchop Category: NFL

The Atlanta Falcons have put Samuel L. Jackson on the payroll.

Samuel L Jackson has become an Atlanta Falcons fan (katchop)

Samuel L Jackson has become an Atlanta Falcons fan (katchop)

From SB Nation

Of course, before each season, hope springs eternal and somesuch other cliches about how things can go right for nearly any NFL team under the correct set of circumstances. And, indeed, the Falcons are one of those teams that can fare very well, provided everything falls into place for them. But such calculated assessments don’t do well with the ticket-buying public.

That’s when you need to haul out the gospel choir to harmonize behind Samuel L. Jackson shouting messages of encouragement. YES ATLANTA WE GONNA RISE UP! I’M SAYING RISE UP! RISE UP RIGHT NOW! RISE THE HELL UP! DO THEY SPEAK FALCON IN RISE UP?

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