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Pat Riley Is Mad As Hell

September 11, 2010 By: Katchop Category: NBA

Miami Heat President Pat Riley is angry about the criticism some of his new players have gotten over the summer.

Miami Heat president Pat Riley is so mad at those who have criticized all the free agent moves he's made that he can't see straight. He also may be brain damaged.

Miami Heat president Pat Riley can't understand the criticism July's free agent circus caused, leading some to speculate that all that hair gel may have caused brain damage.

From Fanhouse

Riley ripped into television analyst/windbag Charles Barkley for his a-little-too-personal criticism of LeBron James. Riley also took exception to remarks from Magic general manager Otis Smith and Magic coach Stan Van Gundy.

He also made it clear what he thought about any other critics of his roster: They can sit on it.

“I take a little umbrage to some of the things that came from people in our game who, all of a sudden, have become the moral conscious or moral authority on the decision of every team or some individual might make,” Riley said Friday during a conference call with South Florida writers. “I know one thing: Our team will be ready. And I think that’s the way we can answer all the critics.”

It was Barkley, earlier this summer, who was openly critical of the way James handled his free agency, along with the celebratory press conference with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, who also signed with the Heat the same day. Barkley called the celebration: “Punk moves.”

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