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Manning Teasing Miami?

March 14, 2012 By: Katchop Category: NFL

The Miami Dolphins are waiting to see what Peyton Manning is thinking.

Peyton Manning thinks the color of a Dolphins jersey might clash with his eyes.

Peyton Manning thinks the color of a Dolphins jersey might clash with his eyes.

From The Miami Herald

So what now?

Here’s what: Miami is shopping for a star quarterback without a No.1 receiver, and relying on an unlikely favorable decision by Manning to rescue the Dolphins from themselves.

That the entire perception and immediate future of the Dolphins hinges on Manning’s decision became ever more the truth Tuesday as Miami unexpectedly made a Chicago Bear of Marshall in exchange for a pair of third-round draft picks.

Miami trading away its best receiver as it tries to reel in its prized superstar quarterback is a little like giving away your bait as you go deep-sea fishing.

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