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Manning Leaning Towards Denver?

March 10, 2012 By: Katchop Category: NFL

Peyton Manning might actualy wind up a Denver Bronco.

Peyton Manning might look spiffy wearing a Denver Bronco jersey.

Peyton Manning might look spiffy wearing a Denver Bronco jersey.

From The Denver Post

The visit was productive,” a Broncos source said. “The team is hopeful and encouraged by the time spent” with Manning. Still, John Elway knows from all those millions he made in the car dealer business that once the customer leaves the showroom, the chances of closing the deal drop significantly.

Then again, there’s no sense for the Broncos to drop their daubers. The Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks are trying to get in the Manning sweepstakes, and he hasn’t visited them. As long as there’s a chance to acquire a player of Manning’s caliber, there is reason for optimism. Even though he missed the entire 2011 season because of neck surgeries, Manning has 399 career touchdown passes, 11 Pro Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl title ring.

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