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Jesus Is A Cardinals Fan

October 29, 2011 By: Katchop Category: MLB

The St. Louis Cardinals are 2011 World Series Champions.

Jesus loves the St. Louis Cardinals.

Jesus loves the St. Louis Cardinals.


After seven raucous and stirring games — when, as the end drew near, it became clear that there was no amount of runs, no dearth of outs that this club could not overcome, so much so that even a quick 2-0, top-of-the-first-inning deficit in Game 7 did not appear disconcerting — the St. Louis Cardinals are World Series champions, not only resurrected from the crypt to shock the devastated and disheartened Rangers and themselves, but also in spirit.

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  1. Melinda Thomas says:

    Soooo, whoever’s done this has blasphemed my Jesus!!!!!! God have mercy on your soul!!!!


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