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Heads Roll At Penn State

July 10, 2011 By: Katchop Category: NCAA

Joe Paterno has been fired for his role in the worst college sports scandal ever.

Joe Paterno's statue at Penn State.

Joe Paterno's statue at Penn State.

From The Chicago Tribune

Shed no tears for Joe Paterno. coque iphone xr Save your pity for the innocent boys who will grow up into tortured men, not JoePa.

Spare me the indignation over the Penn State Board of Trustees firing Paterno on Thursday night over the phone.

Had Paterno picked one up 13 years ago and called the most powerful law-enforcement official he knew in the state, coque iphone pas cher not just the top campus cop, soldes coque iphone he might have saved innocent boys from an alleged pedophile — and quite likely his job, soldes coque iphone pas cher his school and his legacy.

Penn State removed Paterno from that job because, coque iphone 2019 finally, coque iphone en ligne somebody in Creepy Valley did the right thing. Somebody followed a conscience instead of a university handbook. That it came 13 years too late will haunt State College, coque iphone 2019 soldes Pa., forever. It will indelibly stain Paterno’s Hall of Fame tenure,

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