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Golf World Still Not Over PGA Bunker Ruling

August 22, 2010 By: Katchop Category: Golf

Dustin Johnson getting penalized for grounding his club at the PGA Championship last week still has people upset.

Dustin Johnson blew the 2010 PGA Championship dur to grounding his club in a bunker.

Dustin Johnson blew the 2010 PGA Championship due to grounding his club in a bunker.

From The Daily Commercial

Similarly, most golf writers produced next-day pieces that described the rules of golf as sacrosanct. After all, rules were rules. In this case, they’d been around since shortly after that first itinerant shepherd picked up a stick and hit a rock (or whatever it was) as far as he could toward a rabbit hole in the pasture. There’d be no pity taken on Dustin Johnson. The man grounded his club in a hazard and that was that.

Except that it’s all a bunch of baloney!

It’s idiotic to suggest that intent has nothing to do with rules.

Virtually every sport has exceptions to its rules of play based, basically, on the concept of fairness. In the NFL, a disputed fair catch takes place only when officials gather to decide the receiver’s intention. Was his casual wave at shoulder height enough to convince onrushing defenders that he meant to catch the ball and stop right there? The operative principal is fairness. He’d receive a competitive advantage if he “faked” the signal, then rushed through a defense that had eased up a bit.

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