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Bye Bye Baron

February 24, 2011 By: Katchop Category: NBA

The Los Angeles Clippers have traded Baron Davis to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After seeing the news that he had been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Baron Davis collapsed during last night's shoot around.

After seeing the news that he had been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers during last night's shoot around, Baron Davis suddenly collapsed .

From SB Nation

Baron’s already struggled to stay motivated and in shape with the Clippers; what happens when he’s playing for the worst team in the league, a coach (Byron Scott) that he absolutely hated in New Orleans? I’m imagining a more spiteful version of Eddy Curry. Not just gaining weight and losing interest, but doing all of it to prove a point.

Baron’s revolution in Cleveland will not be televised, but here’s to hoping it will involve hot dogs on the bench, dozens of donut boxes decorating his locker, and lots and lots of on-court yawning.

Of course, he could just skip out on Cleveland altogether.

Ric Bucher said as much on ESPN:

“the big question for me right now is, will we see Baron Davis actually in a Cavaliers’ uniform? Because that ‘knee injury’ [air quotes] that caused him to sit out last night’s game, I could see that become a real serious issue

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