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Bosh Is Big For Heat

May 23, 2011 By: Katchop Category: NBA

Chris Bosh was a giant for the Miami Heat on Sunday.

Chris Bosh has been coming up big for the Miami Heat.

Chris Bosh has been coming up big for the Miami Heat.

From The Washington Post

Chicago’s bigs were supposed to be the difference in this series’ matchup and they have been, just not in the best way. They have not found a way to defend Bosh and he has been red hot in all three games.

There were many questions about Bosh when he came in as the other high profile free agent to Lebron James. I mean, who wouldn’t be the other guy to James?

The Heat as a whole has faced intense scrutiny and no player more than Bosh. All season long, people questioned his relevance–not to mention his heart and toughness. Many felt the Heat were a super team because of Wade and James. Very few chose to include Bosh’s name, unless it was the punchline to a joke. Well if one series has enough weight to change minds, it’s this one . And the joke is now on the jokester.

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