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Blake Griffin: Dunk Monster

January 26, 2011 By: Katchop Category: NBA

Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers is already being mentioned as the best Clipper of all time.

Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers becomes a monster when he gets ready to dunk.

When Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers gets ready to dunk, he becomes a savage, flesh eating monster .

From The Los Angeles Times

Last week, The Times posted a poll question: Is Blake Griffin the greatest player in L.A. Clippers history? Only the Los Angeles era qualified, no reaching back into the San Diego archives or dusting off the Buffalo Braves’ records.

To date, Griffin has 295, or 43.45%, of the votes, more than twice the votes as the second-place finisher Danny Manning (121 votes, or 17.8%). Brand has 105 votes, or 15.4%. Granted, the sample was a small slice of fan representation — 680 votes in all to date — and certainly favors the here-and-now and the rapidly increasing buzz of all-things Griffin.

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