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February 14, 2011 By: Katchop Category: NHL

Mario Lemieux made some comments over the weekend that make him look a little silly.

Mario Lemieux made some comments that make his Penguins franchise look a little goofy.

Mario Lemieux made some comments that make both he and the Pittsburgh Penguins look a little hypocritical. And goofy.

From The National Post

And Mr. Lemieux’s remarks would be worth taking seriously, if not for the fact Mr. Lemieux employs one of the most offensive goons in the game, and has much to answer for in enabling the sort of travesty he’s now complaining of. Mr. Lemieux signs the pay cheques for Matt Cooke, a left-winger who has been suspended repeatedly by the league for dirty play. His best-known exploit to date was ruining the career of Boston Bruins’ Marc Savard, who has been unable to play at his previous high level since being concussed by Cooke last March. Last week, just days before Mr. Lemieux’s outburst, Cooke was again suspended for a vicious check from behind, in which he clearly left his feet in leaping at a player and driving his face into the glass.

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