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Tebow, Tebow, Tebow!

November 23, 2011 By: Katchop Category: NFL

The Denver Broncos’ chief of football operations John Elway is not a big believer in Tim Tebow.

John Elway does not have faith in Tim Tebow's arm.

John Elway does not have faith in Tim Tebow's arm.


Tim Tebow on Tuesday told “ESPN First Take” that he doesn’t pay attention to the lukewarm support from Denver Broncos chief of football operations John Elway and instead focuses on trying to get better as a quarterback.

Elway answered “no” on Monday when asked on his weekly radio show on 102.3 FM The Ticket in Denver if the Broncos were “any closer to feeling if you have your quarterback on this team?”

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NBA Hardliners Hope For Rejection

November 14, 2011 By: Katchop Category: NBA

A growing number of NBA owners are actually hoping that the players reject the latest CBA proposal.

If there were any more hardliners at NBA owners meetings, it would look like the Polit Bureau.

If there were any more hardliners at NBA owners meetings, it would look like the Polit Bureau.

From Yahoo

The point is that the players are facing a group of owners who are either representing or paying for the sins of teams that were purchased for way too much, and subsequently spent way, way too much on the Josh Childress’ of the world. As a result, those owners don’t care if there’s a season in 2011-12. They don’t care about their employees, and they don’t care about the workers that make a living tangentially through NBA basketball. And you can’t reason with that sort of lunacy.

All you can do is cede to it, if you want some of what you once had. Because negotiating only brought you this far.

If the players want to play, this really is the end of the line. It’s not the beginning of the end, the first step in some sort of magical, decertified journey that is going to lead back to a majority of the basketball related income in their pockets and sign-and-trades for all. No, this is it.

And we’re expecting NBA players, whose sense of perspective is skewed as badly as anyone’s, to recognize this. God help us all.

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Cam Newton Is A Machine

November 05, 2011 By: Katchop Category: NFL

The Carolina Panthers are very happy with Cam Newton.

Cam Newton might actually be a machine.

Cam Newton might actually be a machine.

From National Football Post

What isn’t questionable is the impact the ex-Auburn star has had on the Carolina Panthers (2-5).  With seven games under his belt, Newton has surpassed all expectations by breaking records and leading an offense, which is ranked No. 5 in the NFL after experiencing a season of finishing near the bottom in several major categories.

Despite a losing record, Newton has brought hope and excitement to Carolina.  He believes he could have played better in spite his excellent numbers.  Moreover, he doesn’t take the credit for being fourth in passing yards (2,103) and second in rushing touchdowns (7) in the NFL.

He didn’t take credit for last week’s victory over the Washington Redskins, either.

Newton couldn’t do anything wrong against the Redskins.  After throwing three interceptions against the Atlanta Falcons two weeks ago, Newton didn’t have a turnover and completed 18 of 23 passes for 256 yards and a 127.5 passer rating.  He finished with a 127.5 passer rating and rushed for 59 yards on 10 carries.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera gave Newton the game ball for that performance.  But Newton decided to give the ball to the offensive line.

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